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Philosophy & Children

Date and time: Saturday, March 23, 2024

12 pm EDT to 3:00 pm EDT

Event format: Online, via Zoom


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Stoics Care Conference

Date and time: Saturday, April 23,

10 am EDT to 2:30 pm EDT

Event format: Online, via Zoom

Register for free:

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Stoic Art Expo 2022

It’s time to explore the nature of art along with this year’s theme: Philosophy at Work.  What does that look like? sound like?  feel like?

Visit Stoic Art Expo For More Information: LINK

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Stoicon 2022

Date and time: Saturday, October 15,

Location and Time TBD

Check this link for updates: Stoicon2022


Empowering Fir Aid Responders Using Stoicism

Date and time: 5th of May, 11 PM GMT; 5th of May, 5 PM MT; 6th of May, 9 AM AEST

Event Format: Online, via Zoom

Register Online: REGISTER

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