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Stoic Attorneys

Stoic Attorneys

Created to establish a forum for legal professionals to dialogue & collaborate about the issues impacting a law practitioner’s character, quality of life and happiness given the unique challenges, issues and circumstances facing lawyers in the representation of clients’ interests while adhering to the Four Stoic Virtues.

Attorneys are faced with unique challenges when attempting to live harmoniously in accord with nature, including always acting ethically, while assisting clients with difficult challenges or problems in contentious legal proceedings. Stoicism provides humanity with tools and ideas by which one can live a happy, healthy & successful life while emphasizing mastering personal emotional responses to difficult situations which enable us to perform optimally both personally and professionally.

"The man who is truly good and wise will bear with dignity whatever fortune sends, and will always make the best of his circumstances"


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission. To establish a network of likeminded legal professionals who are dedicated to fostering successful law practice while living in accord with nature and the Four Stoic Virtues. While the stoic community is very large, diverse and helpful, we want to create a forum where lawyers, judges and legal professionals can access stoic resources easily with an emphasis on the ethical obligations we owe to ourselves, our clients and the justice system as officers of the court. 


Our Vision. Organizing the multitude of stoic legal professionals to foster communication, collaboration and information & resource sharing.



"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment"

~Marcus Aurelius

Our Founder


Kevin C. Murphy is an attorney licensed to practice law in California and Nevada and is the co-founder and managing partner of Murphy Jones APC.  Kevin grew up in San Diego and currently lives there with his wife, Kristen Rose, and their son Lincoln.


In  2000 - 2003, Kevin studied ancient philosophies during his college education at the University of California San Diego while obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a concentration in Public Law. In 2015, Mr. Murphy independently returned to Stoicism and became active in the stoic community. Kevin became a Fellow of the College of Stoic Philosophers in 2023, and is working towards joining their Faculty while maintaining his private law practice.

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